Fence Types

Fencing is very important for every property, may it be a residential house or a vacant infrastructure. Installing fences implies strict security and ruling out of any attempt of trespassing. Aside from security purposes, fencing is also important to preserve privacy. Any individual or family can do pretty much what they want in their yard or patio without having to be mindful of the outside world. Safety of children and pets can be guaranteed through fencing. Kids will know their boundaries in playtime and no matter how they insist, little children will not be able to go out of the house premises with sturdy fences. Valued pets will not be able to wander too far from the house when surrounded by fences.

There are many fence types and they can be temporary or permanent. The following are fence types according to usage:

  • Privacy fence. Privacy fence are up to 8 feet tall and manufactured to establish durability and sturdiness. It should be able to resist varying weather conditions. Concrete and PVC or vinyl fences are ideal to secure privacy.
  • Rail fence. Rail fences are widely used in farms to safeguard animals. Rail fence can either be split or post rail. They are generally made from flat timber and can be structured to any designs.
  • Picket fence. Picket fences are used in front and backyards as well as for gardens. The height range from 4 to 5 feet.

Fence types can also be based from materials used. The following are the fence types depending on where they’re built from:

  • Wooden fence. Wooden fence provides a touch of nature to the entire house. Bamboo fences are the most famous kind of wooden cheap fencing. Aside from the natural aesthetics of it, bamboo fences are also durable and long-lasting.
  • Plastic and Vinyl (PVC) fence. Plastic fencing is more expensive than wood but is more durable. Vinyl is very elegant and can withstand extreme temperature such as intense heat or severe coldness.
  • Wrought iron fence. The most elegant-looking fence is wrought iron. The natural blackness of this fence can accentuate any modern house and can demonstrate high spirit of elegance.
  • Aluminum fence. Aluminum fence is very sturdy and does not require maintenance. It doesn’t rust and can resist extreme weathers too just like plastic fencing. Aluminum fencing is very lightweight as well.

Whatever fence type people choose they should consider their budget, preference, and most of all, the fences’ suitability to the house or place where they will be used.