Cheap Fencing

Cheap fencing depends highly on the kind of materials used to put up the fence, and secondly on the cost of labor. Since there is a tendency to cut on the materials in order to have a cheap fence, the fence’s quality may be compromised. In effect, the property owner may not get the needed security. Still, these fences could be enough to ward off unwanted intruders albeit temporarily.

The best cheap fencing materials do not always have to be bought, just need some wise cheap fencing ideas. They can be found – literally – around the neighborhood, in the garden, at the backyard, in junk yards, in the forest, in the construction or building or demolition sites, or elsewhere. The following are examples of cheap fencing:

First, there is the rustic wooden fence, wherein any kind of used or secondhand wooden planks may be used. They even need not be painted anymore. They could just be instantly put up and held together by nails or rope.

Another kind of cheap fencing is a picket fence. Similarly, secondhand wood may be used. They just need to be shaped and evened out, perhaps painted or varnished, and then they could already make modest fences with great fence styles.

Third is dry stone wall. This kind of cheap fencing would require some skill and technique to complete. Instead of wood, large rocks are used and piled up without need of mortar, in order to create interlocking boulders. The more rows there are, the sturdier the border gets. Large flat rocks are preferred because they settle into place easily. However, small stones are also important as they are used to fill in the gaps between the larger rocks.

A fourth kind of cheap fencing would be one made of bamboo or sugar cane. Bamboo can be easily formed into double-edged spikes, which makes one end easier to tuck under the ground, and the other to avert danger. Bamboo is also a sturdy wood and does not easily break.

In case one is willing to buy cheap fencing, iron wire mesh fence would be a good idea. This kind of fencing is not that visible to the eyes but it also offers good security and privacy to the property owner. The property owner need not worry about the unavoidable rust that is likely to appear on the fence as vines and creeping plants can conceal it. The effect could be beautiful without too much effort on the part of the property owner.

Sixth, barbed wire could produce cheap fencing. It is also very effective in keeping pets inside, and other wild animals away from, the compound. This kind of fencing would need some poles where the barb wires can be secured into place.

Seventh, brick fencing is also a good cheap fence. However, unlike the dry stone wall, the property owner would need to spend a little on mortar to hold the bricks together.

Eighth, nets could also be made into cheap fencing. This one may tear easily though; hence, it is not guaranteed to stay long.

Finally, for a natural beautiful yet cheap fencing, shrubs and bushes can be planted around the property’s perimeter.

In the end, in putting up a fence, the property owner must carefully consider not only the cost but most importantly, the purpose for doing so.